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Veolia Water is present in 69 countries.

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Provided with drinkable water

Manage the water cycle

Insight Water withdraws water from the environment, produce and distribute drinking water, collect and transport wastewater to the treatment plants where the water is made fit for recycling or discharged back into the ecosystem. Insight Water's prime focus is always on the safety of consumer health: from the point of withdrawal through to the consumer's tap, drinking water undergoes constant monitoring.

Alternative resources
In response to the issue of resource availability

Develop alternative resources

Insight Water always aims to provide the solution best adapted to the local context.
Insight Water recycles wastewater at the outlet from its treatment plants to produce, after appropriate treatment, industrial process water, water for farming or recharging the aquifer. Islands and coastal regions are particularly concerned by the development of alternative resources obtained through seawater desalination.

True cost of water
If correctly valued, water will be better managed

Managing environmental footprints

As a provider of environmental services, Insight Water is supporting municipalities and leading industrial companies in their water management by focusing on delivering cutting-edge technologies and innovative, integrated solutions to help its clients grow sustainably. Among these tools, the True Cost of Water combines traditional CAPEX and OPEX calculations with analysis of water risks and their financial implications.

Water for all
Access for all to drinking water and wastewater services is one of our century's major challenges.

Promote access to water for all

We are doing what we can to meet this challenge, through appropriate social engineering, experiment with new business models such as the social business or subsidized connections as well as humanitarian action.